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Bill Olson – President
As a Geophysicist, Bill has been active in oil and gas E&P for over thirty years. He has managed projects for Chevron and other international joint ventures involving modeling of unconventional reservoirs for large development programs. He earned his Masters Degree in Geophysical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines.  He holds degrees in four disciplines -- Geology, Finance, M.B.A. and Law.

Matthew Rittmanic - Sr. Vice President of Business Development
Matthew has over 25 years of experience in strategic planning and management.  His specialties include multi-organizational synergy involving project conception, execution and performance control.  Matthew is the founder of Mariner Capital that specializes in funding, organizational consulting and leadership development.  He is also the founder of Sierra Companies, an international Design-Build firm. Matthew has recently designed specialized modular schools, clinics and housing and maintains a personal mission to promote the intergenerational development of families by providing structures to globally enhance security, health and education.

Dr. Cesar Abeigne – Vice President of Exploration and Production
Dr. Abeigne has served as Geophysicist/Geologist for Elf-Aquitaine, Shell and Total. Mr. Abeigne completed his PhD dissertation at Montpellier University, France followed by publication in 1999. He then joined Schlumberger and performed Seismic to Simulation 3D static modeling and advanced workflows design on Fracture Modeling in Petrel (Discrete Fracture Network Models) for operators world-wide. Mr. Abeigne is uniquely qualified to verify natural fracture mapping using state-of-the-art Petrel 3D Geocellular Reservoir interpretation and modeling techniques. He is a recognized expert in 3D seismic interpretation in SMT Kingdom and Petrel, Pre-stack/AVO & Post-stack Seismic attributes, Geo-body, well correlation, structural reservoir 3D Modeling, Facies modeling, Petrophysical analysis and Modeling with Interactive Petrophysics, volume calculation, Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) models with Petrel.

Mark Campell - Vice President of International Operations
Mark Campbell has over 30+ years of experience in the investment banking and pretoleum industry.  He was a founder of Rodeo Resources Inc. and has been a director of various resource companies in the past.  Mr. Campbell was formerly CEO of Frontier Drilling and Oilfield Services Inc., that operated within Africa.  He held senior positions in the international investment banking business with T. Hoare & Co., Chase Manhattan, Salomon Brothers, First Boston and Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb, focusing on oil & gas.  Mr. Campbell studied petroleum geology at Texas Tech University and Economics at the University of Iowa.

Grant Lowey – Bakken Shale Geologist
Mr. Lowey has over 20 years experience as a Petroleum Geologist. He has been associated with ERCO for three years, and has most recently been on a consulting assignment with The Kuwait Oil Company modeling fractured reservoirs. He began his career with Saskoil in the exploitation of Exxon/Mobil assets with horizontal drilling programs, and outpost exploitation. His areas of expertise include integration of reservoir models, 3D & 4D seismic attributes, structural, reservoir properties, and fracture modeling.

David H. Mangum – Chairman
David is a Petroleum Engineer, Geologist, and Financial Specialist with over 40 years petroleum industry experience with five Fortune 100 Companies (Tenneco, Mobil, Shell, Schlumberger, Xerox, and Coastal).  He obtained a Texas Professional Petroleum Engineering License  and he also obtained a National Association of Securities Dealers License.  David studied Geology at Mississippi State University, received a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Texas, and he earned a M.B.A. from Pepperdine.

Belkis Fernandez – Manager Reservoir Simulation
Belkis has major management and teaching expertise with Chevron, Shell, Exxon/Mobil, Petrobras, Ecopetro, Pemex, ENIL, ENCANA, NEXEN and Schlumberger. She is highly experienced in the application of reservoir and production simulation programs including Eclipse, Stars, VIP, PUMA, PIPESIM, Prosper, Cougar, FrontSim, ARIES, AVOCET, and Petrel RE. Belkis holds a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Degree in Reservoir and Production Engineering from Venezuela Armed Forces University.

Edwin Tillman – Sr.Information Systems Analyst
After serving in the US Army Airborne as an electronics specialist for the PATRIOT Missile launching station, he obtained an Engineering Degree in both Computer and Electrical power from the University of Houston, along with a degree in Environmental Science from Lone Star College.  Edwin has served as a technology specialist with various companies doing network solutions, programming, web design, server administration, and database systems.  Mr. Tillman has knowledge of several computer languages, circuit analysis, and computer infrastructur.

Alexander X. Galloway – Information Technology Specialist  
With thirteen years experience in website and network management.  Alex is versatile in several programming languages and in programs such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Powerpoint, Access, and several 3D modeling and graphics applications.  Alex earned a BS in Biochemistry from Utah State University and he is currently working on a Master Degree in Computer Science.   

JD Messinger -  Acquisitions
Graduate of U.S. Naval Academy, Former V.P. of Business Development for Ernst & Young.

Samuel T. Galloway - Webmaster
Has worked in the oil and gas industry as a webmaster with 6+ years experience.  Sam knows PHP, HTML, and versatile in a number of content management systems, as well as some javascript.  In addition, he is a graduate at Utah State University with a degree in Nutrition Chemistry.



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